Admiral Tree Service provides our residential customers with tree services to keep their private properties looking both healthy and beautiful.  


We offer 24/7 tree service for municipalities.  


 Our commercial tree services help commercial organizations maintain their landscape.  


 The demand for firewood has increased over the years primarily due to the rising costs of gas and alternative fuels.  

Right-of-Way Clearing

 Admiral Tree Service clears land for pipelines, electrical lines, transmission lines or any Right-of-Way land that needs cleared for accessibility.   

Forestry Mowing

Forestry mowing is the process in which debris and trees up to 8 inches in diameter are ground on site and left as a thin layer of mulch for the soil.  

We provide emergency tree services 24/7

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Admiral Tree Service


Admiral Tree Service, LLC was founded in 1993 by Navy veteran owner Justin Ruff, aka ‘Admiral’. 

Our approach to business is simple, ‘offer 4 star service at a fair price, and you will flourish’, hence the name ‘Admiral’.   

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